We the people on Mother Earth have pledged to implement prosperity programmes and debt forgiveness with immediate effect which redistribute the 99% world wealth, (stolen and hidden by the 1%), fairly, generously, to all the 99% people worldwide, by the setting up of urgent humanitarian programmes to provide food and shelter to priority areas.



Pledge 1 - Together we are all one - we are each a member of the Divine family, with our Higher selves - we are all connected with those in the Universe - we are children of Mother Earth as are the animals and plants - we are family with those on other planets - No-one shall be homeless or go hungry - There is enough food to feed everyone on this planet - Poverty, homelessness and deprivation will be eliminated by a fair global system of redistribution of land, wealth, food, shelter, sanitation, health, spiritual education, free energy devices and technology equally.  David Wilcock: Occupy Your Self! Personal Spiritual Development 


Pledge 2 - Dissolution of the Old World Order and Redistribution of the global Wealth including land and Federal Reserves  - The Ring of Power Empire of the City is hereby dissolved (City of London Corporation which controls global wealth, the Vatican in Italy Rome which controls global religion on behalf of the City of London Corporation and the District of Columbia in Washington DC which controls global Military on behalf of the City of London Corporation).  NESARA (National Economic Security & Reformation Act 2000) is implemented - a prosperity fund or abundance programme which redistributes trillions of dollars to the global people. We the people for peace


Pledge 3 - Truth Committees - Bring Common Laws to the streets and in the courts - Those responsible for the crimes against humanity will be brought before Truth Committees  (groups of at least 10 members of the public inter-selected by consensus, capable of making judgements based on love, compassion, forgiveness & gratitude).  The Truth Committees can interview prisoners, online, and review sentences where prisoners feel they have been convicted harshly.  Where sentences are reduced rapid rehabilitation programmes are implemented.   Judges and Barristers are retrained in common laws - Gods Laws - No harm, no conviction!  Ring of Power Empire of the City  5hr Video 


Pledge 4  - The Occupy movements - We the people announce that we are ready for our abundance programmes, oneness, for a fair and just society, for our spiritual upliftment - we forgive all wrongs done to us so as to attain our state of mind for peace and to connect with our Higher selves - we love all (good and bad), we forgive all, we are grateful for all experiences that brought us to this junction - without which we may not have, we have compassion for all - so we are free from debt and servitude - we are peace, we are abundance, we are in total control of our own great and prosperous future, we have joy and creativity, we make music and dance - we create arts, we connect, we help others